Shopify Editions - Quick Update & Cool Features

Shopify Editions - Quick Update & Cool Features


Shopify has announced the launch of its new Shopify Editions summer 2023. This new edition promises to offer more features, better performance, and enhanced security to its users. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the major updates that caught our attention.

Features We’re Excited About

3 core features that can quickly increase your store’s revenue.

  1. Bundling tool
  2. subscription app
  3. Shopify collective

Both bundling and subscription have proven to drastically increase Average Order Value (AOV). There are a number of apps out there that provide these features, but for someone starting out, their price point could be out of budget. Shopify’s new features for these are much simpler versions of what you can get on the app store, but they can handle the basic functions which can be valuable for small merchants. Note, that you currently you have to signup for early access to get Subscription app. Checkout Editions 2023 to learn more about these features.

Shopify Collective is a new tool that allows you to sell a suppliers product directly on your site. It’s like a new level of drop shipping. We used this app in Beta last year and it’s now live so we are excited to see how brands and suppliers leverage it to deliver more value to customers.

Here is how Shopify described it: “Discover quality products to sell from top Shopify brands who will ship directly to your customers. Connect with brands, add their products to your store in minutes, and earn margin on what you sell… Grow your business without the up-front cost of additional inventory and warehousing.” Checkout Editions 2023 to learn more about this feature.

Below are some other updates on Shopify’s backend that will deliver a better user experience.

AI Capabilities

Shopify has a feature within the product that will help you create product descriptions. We’ve tried it ourselves and it’s pretty neat. It’s a nice way to quickly add content to your products. Now Shopify is going further with utilizing AI to help merchants. This is what they had to say: “Imagine you had a deeply competent, incredibly intelligent, passionate, and non-judgmental advisor—available to you whenever you need them.” This AI chatbox can help you make admin updates, recommend an app, and much more. Visit Shopify’s page to learn more.

Improved User-Friendly Interface

Shopify Editions Summer 2023 will come with a revamped user interface that promises to be more user-friendly and intuitive. The new interface is designed to be more responsive, enabling merchants to navigate through the platform with ease. The interface also comes with an updated dashboard that provides real-time analytics, enabling merchants to monitor their business in real-time. The dashboard will feature an improved design with better visualization tools that will enable merchants to analyze their data easily.

Enhanced Security Features

Security has always been a top priority for Shopify, and with the launch of Editions Summer 2023, Shopify is taking its security features to the next level. The new edition comes with enhanced security features that will protect merchants' businesses from fraud and cyber-attacks. The new edition comes with advanced fraud detection tools that will enable merchants to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions in real-time.

Performance Enhancements

Shopify Editions Summer 2023 comes with significant performance enhancements that promise to improve the platform's speed and overall performance. The new edition comes with a more robust infrastructure that will enable merchants to handle more traffic without experiencing any significant slowdowns. The new edition also comes with improved caching mechanisms that will enable merchants to load their pages faster. With the improved performance, merchants can expect to see an increase in their conversion rates and a decrease in their bounce rates.


Shopify Editions Summer 2023 promises to deliver some exciting things for e-commerce merchants and developers. With its improved user interface, enhanced security features, and performance enhancements, merchants can expect to have a more enjoyable experience using the platform.

Here is Shopify’s page with the full details:

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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