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Custom web design and Shopify development for E-commerce brands in fashion, health and beauty, or pet supply industry.
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Shopify Partner and Developer
Shopify Partner and Developer
Shopify Trusted Developer
Shopify Partner and Developer
Shopify Custom Design and Development

Too many Ecom brands are loosing money because of their website.

If you are feeling frustrated and confused with your shop's results, you are in the right place.

It's 2024 and if your website does not have a good shopping experience, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

When a user is finally on your website, you don't want to be that business that makes it difficult for them to purchase. It's something we see lots of E-commerce brands struggle with.

The problem, we see at Oneup View, is that not only do most businesses fail to make the shopping experience easy, but they don’t even have a website that is easy to navigate, legible, and is mobile friendly. If the user cannot use your site, they will leave frustrated and move on to consider your competition instead.

First impressions matter. A bad first impression online can cost you lots of money.

But... No need to worry. We are here to help! We've worked with lots of business owners who struggled with the same thing, and who are now seeing positive results from their website.

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3 Ways We Can Help Your Business


Every brand is unique in their offering and in the story they tell. That is why we design your website to fit your brand.


Build your website with a team that has 10+ years of combined experience with Shopify.


Are you ready to leverage the web to increase sales? We can manage and run your Ads/ Pay Per Click (PPC).

Client Testimonials

Recent Projects

Remark Glass - Web Dev Portfolio

Remark Glass

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Shopify Rebellion - Web Dev Portfolio

Shopify Rebellion

Boardroom Website Project


Gold & Silver Pawn

Web Design Project - Dog Ecom Store

Asher House

Meet The Lead Developer.

Hey, I’m Arturo. I help small businesses make the most of their website efforts. Leveraging my computer science degree, plus 2 years at Accenture, I can go beyond templated websites to create custom online experiences.

Since starting this business, we’ve added additional members to the Oneup View team, specifically in the area of UI/UX design, Shopify Liquid development, and project management.

Oneup View is a Web Development company based in California. We are a boutique web agency which has worked with top brands throughout the United States and Canada.

"One of the best developers I’ve had the pleasure of working with! Skilled and speedy, Arturo is attentive, kind, a great communicator and wildly talented."

- Shana Bianchi (Branding Expert)

"Arturo went out of his way to be extremely helpful in getting our shopify site up and running. his knowledge, demeanor, and work were game changers for our team."

- Jonathan Wiener (Boardroom)

"We worked with Oneup for a website redesign and launch on a new platform and had a very positive experience. They were very talented and receptive to our feedback throughout the process and we ended up with a beautiful well-running website. Definitely recommend working with them!"

- Michelle White (Remark Glass)

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Stand Out With A Custom Store

Does your online store have low conversion rates? A lot of sites lack results because of a poor user experience.

You may have tried creating your own site, or even hired an agency that did not deliver quality work. If that's the case, your website may have turned into a headache, adding more stress to your life. On top of that, you've lost thousands of dollars and wasted lots of time spinning your wheels. That's how some of our clients felt before.

But now they have confidence and peace of mind knowing their website is well taken care of. If you are ready to see positive results and transform your website for the better, our Custom Web Development service is the perfect solution. As a trusted Shopify partner, we've helped countless businesses launch and scale their E-commerce brand.

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You'll be in great hands! We'll follow a detailed plan that we've refined over the years.

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How much do you charge?

The pricing depends on a number of factors including features, complexity, and overall website goals. The starting price for a custom online store is $7,000. We also offer a templated solution starting at $3,000.

Will my website work on phones?

Yes, all the sites we build are 100% mobile responsive and work on desktop and phones (iPhone & Android) and all major browsers including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Will my site be SEO optimized?

Yes, we develop sites that check the best practices for On-Page SEO.

How can I trust that you have the expertise to build my website?

We've helped countless business owners and managers launch and scale their online store. We've even helped Shopify's Esport team (Rebellion) to revamp their site and create online store.

How long will it take to complete my website project?

The timeline varies, depending on features, complexity, and overall website goals. Average timeline is between 4-8 weeks, but can it be more or less than that.

What platform is best for E-commerce?

Shopify offers powerful tools for merchants and developers to create seamless online stores. As a trusted Shopify Partner, we exclusively use their platform for all our E-commerce projects.

Will my website have my social media?

Yes, your site will link directly to your social media pages.