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Rebellion is Shopify’s E-Sport team. They went from having 3 players and one manager, to growing to four different teams each, one for Rocket League, Starcraft, Valorant, and most recently, Halo.

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Shopify Rebellion - Web Dev Portfolio

Outdated website

The problem

  • The old site was a single landing page that was missing new teams and new players.
  • It did not match Rebellion's new branding guidelines.
  • It had only one theme: dark mode.
  • The navigation was hard to use, overlapping content on the site.
  • Site was not mobile friendly.

The solution

When we first joined the project, Rebellion was working with another design agency and Oneup View was filling the Dev role. We implemented all the new designs and made everything mobile friendly. Going forward we took on design and development tasks such as

  • Dark/Light mode toggle
  • Developing new team pages
  • Redesigning header menu
  • Making it more user friendly
Website Sitemap

New hero section

The result

  • The site is easy to navigate with a new and improved header and footer menu.
  • It's more accessible.
  • All team and players are on site, and it's on brand.
  • It's mobile friendly.

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